We all have our personal daily routine, and we do these routines religiously as these define who we are as a person. Whether you are a white collar or blue collar jobber, home-based employee, a parent or a grandparent, you have your own set of activities that you need to fulfill to reach your goals for the day. Mostly, you use your back to perform these tasks.   The back has a complicated structure that consists of stacked bones called the spine and many muscles that serves as the body’s main support. The spine is essential in distributing half of the body’s weight, which gives you balance and enables you to stand straight, bend and twist. Without it, mobility is impossible.   However, there are various strenuous activities that are bad for your back in general. And you do most of these activities everyday, and some, without your knowledge causes back pain. In fact, back pain sends patients to doctors more than common colds does. According to an article by Prevention.com, it is the fifth most common reason for hospitalizations and the third most common cause of surgery. While you pour your passion into doing the things you need to do everyday, it is important that you become vigilant especially for activities that might cause harm to your back.   Here are the daily activities that are bad for your back:     1.Exercising without warming up   Before a race, the car engine should be warmed-up. This is to condition the engine for an activity that requires its full performance and effort. The same goes with our bones and muscles, especially for the back. It is important that before exercising, you do simple stretching for 5 to 10 minutes to condition your body for a more strenuous activity, which is exercising. Without warming-up, there is a high risk of possible muscle soreness or even serious back injuries.     2.Using a heavy bag   When you go to work or school, or wherever you need to go to, you want to make sure that you have all your necessities in your bag, but neglecting the welfare of your back. You want all your needs stocked in your bag just to be ready for possible things you might face for the day. However, using a heavy bag puts a lot of strain on your back’s muscles, thus causes back pain. If you are working on your posture, the use of a heavy bag is not advisable as it might result to forward head posture or scoliosis.     3. Sitting all day   For office workers, this is inevitable. When you have an 8 hours a day, 5 days a week job and your work load is piling up, you get stuck on your desk while you concentrate on meeting your project deadlines. Despite this, get a chance to stretch your back for every 20 minutes to work out your backbones and muscles, as well as to release the tightness and stiffness of the muscles in your back . Also, the use of back support for chairs like mesh or cushion lumbar support to help you maintain your posture even when sitting for long hours is a great help to reduce the chances of getting back pain.     4.Using smart phone   When you use your smart phone, you tend to bend your head down. When you become so much into the technology, you won’t even notice the hours ticking by. This leaves you in a sedentary state for quite a while, unconsciously. This activity puts a strain on the muscles in your upper back, and in the long run might cause a slouch back, thus affects your posture.     5.Watching too much TV   Like sitting, staying sedentary while watching your favorite TV series does not make your back very happy. According to a Norwegian study among teens, those who sit for 15 hours a week in front of a TV are 3 times more likely to suffer back pain. If youngsters will likely to get back pain from idly sitting in front of a TV for hours, what more with the oldies? Instead of passively waiting for the show to come back, stretch your muscles out in between commercial breaks. Also limit the hours you spend in watching TV and make your day more active. You can insert watching and executing video exercises in your daily routine even if it’s just for 10 to 30 minutes only.     6.Prolonged Standing   This is true to working commuters who have to travel everyday from their home to their office. When the buses and trains are cramped with other commuters, there is no other option but to stand and rely on the vehicle’s handle bars. Standing for long hours actually strains the spines and the muscles around it thus causes back pain.     7.Lifting more than what you can   Sometimes, when you’re too caught up in the moment seeing your grand kids after quite a while, or you’re probably too excited to play with your dog, or you badly want to get rid of the rubbishes inside your house, you forget about your back’s limitations. With these, you tend to lift more than what you can handle and this may lead to muscle sore or even an injury. This is one of the causes of back pain. Know your limits and lift one stuff after the other. You can figure out doing other things you can enjoy with your grand kids, other than lifting or piggy back ride, as long as you are able to cherish the moment with them.     8.Wearing high hills   To many women, wearing high hills is sexy. Especially when it perfectly compliments the outfit of the day. However, after quite a while, it starts to hurt your back as much as it hurts your feet. Wearing high hills increases the risk of having osteoarthritis, which is the leading cause of disability among women. Reduce, or even avoid using high hills as much as possible. You can manage to look sexy even without using high hills.     9.Smoking     We all know that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health, as what the commercials have always been warning us about. The first organs that it will rupture are your lungs and heart, but there is more to that. According to a 2001 study, researchers found out that risk factors for artherosclerosis were associated with lower back pain and lumbar spondylosis. While quitting smoking is definitely not easy, it is strongly recommended that you seek professional help to overcome your smoking habits.     10.Reading in bed   Reading is definitely a good habit, but your position while doing it may lead to back and neck stiffness especially when you’ve been reading for hours. It is hard to find the right position while reading in bed that will not put too much stress on our back. As you can notice, after reading for quite sometime, you start to notice a muscle sore building up in a certain point on your back and you tend to change position to relieve it. That is because there is too much pressure on that specific part of your back. It is recommended that you make a sitting area in your house that will not put too much stress on your back.